How to Keep Your Child Believing in Santa


We all KNOW Santa is real, right? I mean, sure we all went through that phase when we were younger where we decided our parents had lied because we found the price tag still on our boombox. But those were foolish days. The thing is, all kids go through that doubting phase. And it’s difficult [...]

A Liar’s Guide To Christmas

All hail the Prince of Lies!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! ‘Tis also the season of deception, subterfuge, and bald-faced lies. Giving your family a holiday full of surprises, warmth and wonderment involves lying like a cheap rug on the head of a used car salesman, so say goodbye to personal integrity and hello to A Liar’s Guide to Christmas. Parents: [...]

Magical Thinking And The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Inside Each Of Us

How do you make life decisions? Do you write up careful lists and employ your critical thinking skills, or do you listen to your gut, patchwork together signs and wonders, and dive right in?

Making QR Codes Fun And Not Sucky!


Have you seen those black and white block thingys that look like hypnotizing mutant bar codes? You know, these things: That black and white thingy is called a QR code. QR means queef reflex.