Early Retirement?

If you have to get old, you might as well do it with pizzazz.

Winter seems to be going on forever around here. The dog is dragging his wiener every time he goes out for a pee, and I seem to be shoveling more of the salty slush that the plow keeps throwing in the driveway. It’s a constant barrage of melancholia and it’s really taking it’s toll on [...]

Snowed In

A portion of the 50 vehicle accident a few miles from our place.

You may or may not know this, but I am a big fan of date nights. It’s true, I absolutely love having a night alone with my beautiful lady. What you might not know about me is that every two weeks, I get a date weekend, and I love them even more. This weekend was [...]

Gird your loins: V-Day is coming!


Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than you’d like to believe. Although I have a general distaste for Hallmark holidays, I’m gonna tell it to you straight: if you’re in any kind of relationship, you need to know what the explicit expectations are for this holiday of lurve. At my house, I make meatloaf. No [...]

My Wife Found Her X Chromosome

Baby? Was I supposed to thaw this out first? It seems a bit rare.

I think she must have cracked up a bit while I was away this time, because when I got home, the house was clean, the dog was still alive, and she was already planning the next night’s dinner. Seriously. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to all of you Martha Stewart wannabes, [...]

I Love My Job

Sunrise as I soak down the freshly graded powder.

I really do like getting up and going to work in the morning. Now. I wasn’t  always so eager, but I love coming out west in the winters and freezing in ice roads. I don’t know why. Before you get excited I’ll tell you that it’s not like on the show. This is a totally [...]

Are Relationships All We Have?


One of my friends, named Hungry Joe, died about a year ago. He was one of the most brilliant (maybe the) men I have ever met. He was afflicted, most likely, with Aspergers. He had a difficult time communicating except through metaphor. For years (and I mean over a dozen), he slept on rooftops in [...]

Broken Hearts Club


Once upon a time, there was you and the love of your life. Every day with them felt like a dream. They made you so incredibly happy. The smile on your face, at the mere mention of their name, could light up an entire city. Then, one day, they decide to go and break up [...]

MU Teen: Saying “I Love You”

i love you heart

My family doesn’t understand why I tell them that I love them so many times a day. “You just told us that,” is a phrase I hear often. I understand that it must be annoying, and I fully acknowledge that I am a huge worry wart. I just can’t help thinking that one day they [...]

On Husbands and Alarm Clocks


So, what is it with husbands and alarm clocks? Specifically, husbands incessantly slapping the snooze button on said alarm clock? At least one of my friends has a husband who suffers from this same affliction (I know your dirty secret, Kev). Yes, I realize ladies are just as capable of this horrific habit. But I’m [...]

MU Teen: Moving Forward


I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions. A few years ago I might have gone so far as to sit down and write out a list of what I wanted to accomplish in the 365 days ahead, but I have made a few conclusions about myself since then. The first being that I [...]

MU Teen: Enough is Too Much


Have you ever been in one of those relationships that everyone envies? The one where you hold hands down every hallway and hug during every goodbye while everyone else is staring at you? Most people like those picture perfect relationships; most people strive for them, but reality check–that isn’t reality. Relationships have their times where [...]

50 Shades of Pay


Money. It brings out the best in all of us. Bring up the subject of money to my spouse and he will pull out the plastic milk crate proudly saved from college, climb aboard, dramatically waving both hands as he details the importance of saving versus spending. It’s not too shocking to find out that [...]