10 Things I Love about You


There are 10 things I wish for the young women in my life. These are the things I want all women to possess. 1. Your authenticity. 2. Your honesty. 3. You never put up with people treating you poorly. 4. I love how you love people. 5. You love to learn about any and everything. [...]

Serial Dater


I married young and divorced young. By 25 I was free and going out with new and old friends and dating. Oh wow, was I ever dating. I went out with groups of people, one-on-one dates, sometimes a few times, maybe just once and sometimes just as friends. Always. Dating. As I am about to [...]

How to Feel More Awesome, Exercise #1

Schmutzie's belly

By the time you complete this exercise, you will feel pretty damn awesome. It’s true, or I’m actually Aretha Franklin.

My Body Propels Me

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Throughout my childhood (in cold Minnesota weather, no less) I was an active kid. I lived across the street from a huge park and it was back in the day when we would leave the house for the day and only come back for food. There was a public recreation center, a playground and a wading [...]

Yes, it’s okay to be you!


First I have to admit my age, I’m older than you which by default means I don’t understand what the “kids of today” are experiencing – how could I? But I have something in common with you – I am a woman who struggled with self-esteem and confidence. I often wonder if this comes from being [...]

Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self

Letter to my 13 year-old self

Dear 13-year-old self, You are beautiful even with a mouth full of silver. Don’t hide your smile in freshman gym class. Smile big and hard with those big shiny braces, because one day that smile will light up the world for two of the most incredible little people that you will ever know.

How To Be Popular


Popularity. (pop-ewe-lair-it-ee) 1.The state or condition of being liked or admired by many people. We all, at some time or another, want to be the popular girl. But how? How do we win people over or even get noticed? When I was in high school most of the “cool” crowd gained their “fame” because they [...]