One Last Push for Felicity

There’s still time to help. Go here.

Please, Let Us Introduce You to Felicity


Aiming Low Does Good has decided to champion the Love Drop cause again this month. One look at Felicity, and we think you’ll understand why. That beautiful little girl with the blonde hair and smiling eyes? That is Felicity. She’s four years old, and she and her family recently found out she has brain cancer. [...]

Pretty Things that Do Good

love drop jewelry

This month, we’re all about supporting the team at Love Drop, a micro-giving network that pools small contributions from all over to help one family or person in need each month. One of the awesome things about Love Drop is that they make it possible for everyone who is interested to participate. Giving creates good [...]

Meet the Aubin Family

All month, Aiming Low Does Good has been talking to you about the micro-giving community, Love Drop. In case you missed it, this is a network of people that get together every month to help out a person or family in need. It’s not a charity, they’re just a group of people with a common [...]

Grab a Tissue and Watch Some Love Drop

This month, we decided to channel our efforts into bringing awareness to Love Drop. Watch this video to get a sense of why. And grab a tissue.