Navigating Life. Gollum Style


We LOVE everything!  We HATE everything! Alas, a new year has arrived and what was my first thought upon waking? Gollum. “What’s Gollum got to do with anything?” you ask? We were watching “The Hobbit” the other night and had a couple of revelations.  One, that my youngest son is a lot like Gollum/Smeagol when [...]

To: God, Re: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway 2

To: CC:, BCC:, Subject:  Oversight in creation – please make me Anne Hathaway Hi, God, I know you are fairly booked up, but I wanted to see if we could find some time on our schedules to discuss a rather large oversight on your part. I don’t want to point [...]

How Much You Would Have to Pay Me to See “Les Miserables”?


A $22.50 ticket. What, I’m supposed to pay with my own money to see it? Hell to the no. You can pay me. And yes, I know a regular ticket is just $11.50, but if I’m going to sit through this, you’re sending me to the fancy section of the movie theater where there’s food [...]