Measures of Success

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It’s important to take stock of one’s achievements. Every so often, shame is replaced by pride when I think about what I’ve gotten away with accomplished. In a looksie back over the last year, do you mind if I share? Recapture my lost youth? Right after I adjust to the new trifocals. Lose weight? Well, [...]

Laundry Management, Aiming Low Style


Do you suck at folding laundry? You should consider giving up on it.

Armed and Dangerous Antibiotics

What Antibotics Kill

It seems lately that I have seen the inside of doctor’s exam rooms more often than I’ve seen the inside of the grocery store or even my laundry room. I may have even used a pair of swim suit bottoms as underwear sometime late last week because laundry times are so desperate around here. Maybe. [...]

Ten Signs That You Need a Vacation

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1. You try to open your front door with your car’s remote. 2. You spend ten minutes trying to remember whether you brushed your teeth. 3. You spend five more minutes realizing you could have just brushed them again already.

The Curse of the Laundry in the Winter

The Curse of the Laundry in the Winter

KLZ sat in her room enduring the depths of a cold winter day. As she sat, she wondered where all of the daylight hours had gone and how the sun could possibly be setting already. Looking around her bedroom, she found it had been overrun with clean, unfolded clothes. At first, she was angry. She [...]

Making Your Own Laundry Detergent: Way More Fun Than It Sounds

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I have a confession to make: I love doing the laundry. Lest you get confused and wonder why I am here, I will share something else with you: I hate folding and putting the clothes away. If laundry could magically get from the dryer to its respective places in my home, I would be over [...]

Remember – Laundry is a Privilege


Do you hate doing laundry? Please don’t. I’m here to ask you to re-think this. Why? Because you have the privilege of doing laundry. Yes, the privilege. You are able to do the following while laundry is cleaned: Stay in the comfort of your home. Wear pajamas. Drink wine. Watch bad TV. Here, in the [...]

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Ironing


I’ve heard that wrinkles add character. Oh – they weren’t talking about clothes?? Because of the laundry hell that I live in on a full-time basis, wrinkles are my reality. As a result, I wear my wrinkles proudly and with honor. As far as I’m concerned, irons are things of the past, medieval instruments of [...]

If you wash it, does that stain still bleed?


Dear Cecily: I need some perspective, and some reassurance that I am not a disgusting freak who is totally damaging her children. Yes, I know that putting myself out on the interwebs with my “hey, is this behavior somehow bad and indicative that I should be shunned?” problems is, well, kind of setting myself up [...]

How To Look Like You’re Cleaning

This post is from Jen Wilson of Hey, Mrs. Wilson! If you’re anything like me, you’d rather work on your couch groove while watching bad TV than do housework.  My husband and I usually distribute housework in accordance to who is working more hours outside the house, meaning that the person who is home most [...]