I Love My Job

Sunrise as I soak down the freshly graded powder.

I really do like getting up and going to work in the morning. Now. I wasn’t  always so eager, but I love coming out west in the winters and freezing in ice roads. I don’t know why. Before you get excited I’ll tell you that it’s not like on the show. This is a totally [...]

The Poop Detective


Unemployment isn’t all eating chocolate and watching Ellen in my pj’s while I wait for a job offer. It’s actually pretty damn depressing, especially dragging on as long as it has. After awhile you begin to wonder if all of your past experience is worth anything anymore. After pondering how I could really put my [...]

5 Things I’m Too Old for Now


I’m 24 years-old now, and though that apparently makes me an adult in the eyes of everyone but the rental car industry, I sometimes forget that I’m not a teenager anymore. It happens every so often, like when my ID gets the once over at the liquor store, and I have to remind myself that [...]