MU Teen: Jealousy – The Green Beast


Feeling happy for someone else isn’t as easy as it should be. When someone comes to me with a bit of good news, I want to honestly congratulate him/her. To smile and say, “You deserve it, Buddy!” But you know what happens instead? I get a dark itch in the back of my stomach. An [...]

It Was a Hi-C Halloween…

Exhibit C: Jack in the Box. Or, Erin in the Box.

My mom is far more crafty than I, which isn’t saying much because most every Halloween costume she made me revolved around a cardboard box of some sort (see Exhibit A). I was a Hi-C grape juice box, which was almost impossible to walk in because the box was narrow and my knees knocked on it every time [...]

The Gods of Husbands Royally Screwed

Circa 1994 when we were really cool people who got married in an art gallery.

I married my beloved in a really cool wedding in an art gallery featuring art by Todd Murphy at the time. His giant paintings of delicate lace dresses and people dressed in white cotton underwear hung from hangers were a lovely backdrop. Our wedding was one of celebration because well, isn’t every wedding? But also [...]