Making QR Codes Fun And Not Sucky!


Have you seen those black and white block thingys that look like hypnotizing mutant bar codes? You know, these things: That black and white thingy is called a QR code. QR means queef reflex.

EZPZ: HP Photobooks Make Memories Tangible


HP’s Photo Creation software makes it possible for even lazy idiots to create beautiful photo books.

How To Road Trip with Kids without Losing Your Sanity. Almost.

That's going to be sore in the morning.

There are things I’d rather do than spend multiple summer hours in a car with two small children.  Having my eyes forced open with those little corn cob pick thingies while someone picks at my cornea with a ragged, dirty fingernail ranks right up there.  But this month that’s exactly what I have to do [...]

Looks Are Everything

I gave you the best years of my life, you BITCH!

They say looks aren’t everything. They are obviously crazy. Give me sleek and smooth over junky and clunky. Dark and mysterious over gray and bumpy. Energy, sophistication and whispery smooth function over da-dhunk-dhunk-thunk….whrrr…. I’m talking about printers.  Not men. Okay, maybe both.

EZPZ: If My Fridge Could Talk

Magnetic Paper for the HP printer? Wrestling Dude Can't Believe it Either!

You know what? I really was wondering what else could I possibly print on using my Fancy Schmancy Printer (i.e. My Magical HP All-in-One 7500A), so I started using my crafty friend Ms. Google and she pointed me towards magnetic paper. Yes. Magnetic paper. I ordered some online (HP doesn’t sell it, boo) and within [...]

EZPZ: A Simple Way for Your Kids to Destroy Photos

The magnetic side of our fridge

If your kids are like mine, they’ll gleefully vandalize your “refrigerator gallery.” But it won’t matter if you have a printer that cranks out high-quality photo copies.

EZPZ Household Recipe Book


I joined Weight Watchers a couple years ago, and found that if I just stuck to more reasonable portions and eliminated adjusted my fast food cooking habits, I could lose some weight and help my family make healthy choices. Win! I’m pretty cheap though, so I stuck with it for a couple of months and didn’t renew. Before I dropped it, I printed as many recipes as I could and threw them into a three ring binder. It’s served us pretty well, but I am ready to take it up a notch and create a family recipe book. Project EZPZ Recipe Book is ON!

HP Printer, There’s No EZPZ Way to Quit You

My Beloved HP 7500a

Dear HP Fancy Schmancy Printer, How I love you. I love you and your bells and your whistles and your super cool scanner and panel thingy that lights up brightly! Even the way you sound is so beautiful…it’s like music to my ever-loving crafty self. Knowing you means that I don’t have to get dressed [...]

EZ-PZ Project Planners

photo 1-3

I always seem to have a project going on at my house. Living on the lake, I spend as much time as I can outside, and my current obsession is an outdoor kitchen / bar area near the pool. I’m also redoing most of the lights in my house, so I spend an inordinate amount [...]

HP EZPZ – Keeping your pet sitter honest.

Yay for screen captures!

As resident dog expert* here at Aiming Low I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that summer vacations are coming up and if you haven’t done so yet you really need to start looking for a trustworthy sitter for Fido.  And for Sir Swipes-a-lot the Cat.  Probably Niblet, the incredible escaping hamster, too. [...]

HP EZPZ and Yo’ Momma!

My HipstaPrint 0

Mother’s Day is coming up and I have to get cracking… In this case My Momma or me if you want to know the truth and while I’m at it a couple of other Mommas that I love. Wrestling Dude says, “You have a cool printer! Print your own gifts!” If you’re anything like me [...]

HP EZPZ: This Is One Party You Should Be Happy I Did Not Invite You To

Like My Macaroon "Cake".  Feel Sorry For Me Now?

So the other day, I’m hanging around the house having this huge pity party and I mean huge. It has been a while and I wanted this one to be really special. I had invited everyone I had ever met and weirdly enough everyone I had ever met was busy that day. Even when I [...]