Moving In


The great thing about buying a house is finally living in it. The actual act of moving isn’t so great. There are too many boxes and too much heavy lifting. You have to organize, pack, and clean. Then you have to clean and unpack and organize some more. If I were Martha Stewart maybe I’d [...]

MU Teen: Adapting to Changes


When I went away to college, I never really got homesick. Sure, I missed my family. I missed the home cooked meals and the couch that didn’t smell like old socks. I even missed my brother a little bit. Just a little. But even after three months away, I didn’t feel homesick. It was like [...]

MU Teen: Home[s]

autumn leaves

People laugh when I say “home” in reference to my dorm room. They think it’s funny that I call it that, when everyone else says “dorm” or “room.” But to me, that just sounds awkward. And it’s true–it has become my home. Not just my room, but the whole place. The campus, the people, the [...]

This is Your Brain on Stay-At-Home Parenting

And then I was all, "Dude, is this the middle finger? But the adult female was not amused."

Twelve years ago I found out I was expecting my first child and my husband and I had some decisions to make. Would I work? Stay home? Work part time? I had JUST finished my degree; the day I received my teacher’s certification in the mail was the day I found out I was pregnant. [...]

3 Ways to Get (Little) Kids to Clean Their Rooms


“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and your kid won’t be living in your basement at 36 years old and not paying rent or buying groceries.” That’s the saying, right? Confidence that comes from self reliance is not a birthright.  It’s taught. But.  How do you [...]

EZ-PZ Project Planners

photo 1-3

I always seem to have a project going on at my house. Living on the lake, I spend as much time as I can outside, and my current obsession is an outdoor kitchen / bar area near the pool. I’m also redoing most of the lights in my house, so I spend an inordinate amount [...]