If Keith Richards Were President


At 67-years-old, taking on some double pistol packing insane dude who’s standing right in front of you, set to kill you, and you commence to beating them, with your cane. That’s the way I imagine Keith Richards going out of this world. If  Keith Richards were to be President, he would have been Andrew “Old [...]

Dear Daughter, Please Watch This

The thing is. For real. It doesn’t matter to me. If you’re liberal. Or conservative. A Republican. Democrat. Libertarian. Undecided. Independent. Once upon a time, if you were a woman, you couldn’t vote. Not because you had to go pick up your kids. Or had to work. Or make dinner. You couldn’t vote because you [...]

Feminism NOT Someone’s Thing? Seriously?

we can do it

Years ago, I sat in the ninth circle of hell, a.k.a a “training session.” A young woman in her early 20s moderated. “Tomorrow, we have SoAndSo speaker, they’ll be discussing the evolution of the feminist movement in the Blahblah room.” She then rolled her eyes and continued, “I mean, I’m not a feminist or anything, [...]

I Would Totally Have Burned A Bra, Too. And Maybe A Man.


We complain about misogyny and sexism in advertising these days, and we are right to do so. We worry about the sense of self our daughters will have after constantly being bombarded with images of tanned, tall, thin, beautiful women who never have their periods and even if they do they’re at the beach playing [...]

Channeling Annie Oakley

Poster Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill Wild West Show

Here’s a little medicine to dose what is ailing you. Today I have an Rx for your ennui, an instant bullet of firepower to help you kick the ass that needs to be kicked. What you need, puppylove, is to channel Annie Oakley. Oh hell yes.