The Holidaze.

Halloween to Christmas.

Anyone else feel like these two holidays are getting closer together?   Please fill in the speech bubble at your leisure.

It Was a Hi-C Halloween…

Exhibit C: Jack in the Box. Or, Erin in the Box.

My mom is far more crafty than I, which isn’t saying much because most every Halloween costume she made me revolved around a cardboard box of some sort (see Exhibit A). I was a Hi-C grape juice box, which was almost impossible to walk in because the box was narrow and my knees knocked on it every time [...]

How to Go From Lazy Mom to Super Mom Without (Much) Effort


So it’s Hallowe’en and your kid is all like “Moooooommmmmmmm! I don’t have a costume!” Pshaw, I say. A mother who can’t whip up a costume in 10 minutes flat is no kind of mother in my book. Except apparently the whole white sheet + holes for eyes and mouth thing is getting tiresome for [...]