Lay versus Lie Gives Woman Freakin’ Heart Attack


Chickens lay eggs, people lie down. But then what about “Now I lay me down to sleep…?” Never mind,  read this: “Every afternoon we lay down and rest for an hour,” laying is okay here because it’s in the past. But are we chickens now? Stop thinking. Here’s more: the past participle of the verb [...]

When Reading to Your Kids Goes Awry… er, Wrong


One month before the due date of our first baby, I packed the hospital overnight bags and set them at the front door. I couldn’t zip the bags closed because they were jam packed filled with books–little cardboard readers for little bitty babies. Our plans were for the babies to hit the labor and delivery [...]

The Grammar Police Guide to Internet Spelling

Find the Error!  Win a prize!

I don’t claim to have the answer to life, the universe and everything (it’s 42, in case you wanted to know). I just have to say this and get it out in the open because BETTER OUT THAN IN, RIGHT? This morning, my son was browsing the cable menu and came across Tom and Jerry, [...]

8 Grammar Rules You Should’ve Learned Long Before High School Graduation

Recently Jared Karol wrote a kick-ass article for Aiming Low entitled Plural’s Don’t Have Apostrophe’s,Idiot’s. That piece really resonated with me and inspired me to write this. P.S. Jared, don’t let this go to your head or anything…   1. You’re = you are. Your = possessive.  Examples:  You’re such a grammar nerd! Or Erin, your obsession with grammar is [...]

Plural’s Don’t Have Apostrophe’s, Idiot’s


You would think with all the fancy universitie’s out there and all the people that are graduate’s of them that more of these educated people would know the difference between plural’s and possessive’s, and when they are and aren’t supposed to use apostrophe’s. I mean, were they not taught this stuff as kid’s in their [...]