Capture ALL The Portals


If you ever see a group like this out in public, don’t worry, they’re just playing Ingress. Several months ago my husband started playing a mobile game called Ingress*. Unbeknownst to me, he signed me up to start playing it as well.  If you’re not familiar with it, Ingress is an augmented reality game (still [...]

How to Maximize Your Social Media


Social media is more than just Facebook, and social media tools are more than just Hootsuite. Frankly, I always found both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck annoying. Running multiple streams kept me from concentrating on a single stream. Their functionality is amazing, but their dashboards leave a lot to be desired. But as a social media manager [...]

Choosing a Legal Guardian in the Most Irresponsible Way

This is what came up when I just typed "will" into Google. But it's relevant, because on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he's sent to live with his aunt and uncle, who become his legal guardians. BOOM.

“You should do a will,” my sister said to me the other day, trying to sound casual. Usually when someone says that they’re secretly plotting to kill you, but I feel pretty secure seeing as my net worth is actually negative (hello, credit cards!) and no one stands to gain anything from my imminent demise. [...]

This Is What Happens When You Google “Face Bacon”

bacon face

It is no secret that we here at Aiming Low are big fans of bacon. Marj wrote an article called “Bacon: Nature’s Greatest Miracle.” Erin is a self-proclaimed bacon-loving Jew. We even teach you how to cook ridiculously delicious things with bacon, like “Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bread.” So imagine my bacon-revelry when I came across [...]

Who Needs a Diary When There’s Google Search History?

Picture 4

Looking up your Google search history is super fun. This is one of those things that I didn’t know existed because it was off my radar. Much like, are Cool Ranch Doritos kosher? No idea. But. I will after I google it. ::Hold please:: Okay.  Apparently, there’s a debate or something. Something about enzymes being [...]

Use Gmail’s Priority Inbox to Save Time and Do More

gmail top ten

If you’ve read this column before, it’s probably not a surprise to you that I am a hard-core Google fangirl. I love Google Search, Google Reader, Google Apps for Business, Google Plus, Google Books, Google Images, Google’s Android OS … you get the picture. My first love, though, was Gmail. I got my first Gmail [...]

The Father’s Day Conspiracy

Parenting Bad Dad Cards

To me, Father’s Day isn’t so much a day of appreciation for our fatherly efforts as much as it is a symbolic reminder of what a revolutionary figure I and millions of other stay-at-home dads (SAHD) are for bucking the standards for this holiday. And just what standards am I referring to? The standards set [...]

ENTER TO WIN a Google TV™: Pretty much the best thing, ever


Welcome to my new bi-weekly column, MommyGeek explains IT all! Expect to hear from me twice a month here at Aiming Low, writing about technology, the internet, gadgets and all manner of geekery with a vocabulary that you can actually understand. I know that sounds suspiciously like learning, but I like to think of it [...]