Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Non-Romantic.

Photo credit: Justin Ficklin

Valentine’s Day insists on coming again this year and it vexes the non-romantic among us. For example, me. I hate flowers. They die. I might as well take two twenty dollar bills out of my wallet and fling them out the window of my minivan. They’re labor intensive. You get them thrust at you and [...]

Traditions, TRADITIONS!

In all its glory: The Barbie clock.

Ah, traditions. Those time-honored events our families take part in so we can remember holidays with our family. Some of them are recalled fondly and some we’d like to forget. However you feel about them, you have to admit you almost look forward to taking part in celebrations, right? In my family we’ve always done [...]

Daily Awesome 01/01/13

I know it’s the new year and all, and hopefully you did all your Christmas shopping, but just in case you didn’t, I wanted to offer up some things you can skip buying. Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva offers us her 3rd Annual Horrible Gifts for the Guide, and really, it could be subtitled [...]

My Toddler’s Christmas List


As I was roaming the aisles of a big-box toy store the other day, I realized that my 18-month-old daughter could care less about 99% of the stuff for sale. I know what she wants for Christmas, and it’s not a dolly that sits on the toilet or a pink plastic household appliance. Here’s a [...]

MU Teen: Holiday Shopping and Other Dangerous Activities


The holidays have come around again, and as it is every year, I have no idea what to do for gifts. It seems like it should be easier, but it isn’t. Candles are too generic, lotion is too generic, everything seems too generic! I love giving gifts that point out how well I know my friends [...]

How to Keep Your Child Believing in Santa


We all KNOW Santa is real, right? I mean, sure we all went through that phase when we were younger where we decided our parents had lied because we found the price tag still on our boombox. But those were foolish days. The thing is, all kids go through that doubting phase. And it’s difficult [...]

What’s Better Than Kisses and Gold?

It all started in The Garden.

School started last week. By the end of day one of third grade at his new school, my little seven year-old Romeo had a girlfriend already. Apparently three of the girls fought over him–if the stories are to be believed. I have to admit, I had a hard time believing them. Hello! They’re seven. They [...]

I Gave You Life, You Gave Me A Slushy Maker


Oh my beautiful children. Your heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts to me. How did you know? You nailed it. Every year, it’s what I hoped I’d get. This year, I need to publicly thank you so that the world knows just how special and thoughtful the gifts from you, my husband and children, are. Let’s begin [...]

Why I’m Probably Going to Convert to Judaism


There are plenty of great reasons to convert to Judaism; but the one that’s making me seriously consider the switch is Christmas. Christmas doesn’t make me grumpy anymore, the way it did when I was younger. In fact, I’ve grown to really appreciate the family gatherings, the feasts, the music (in small doses), and even [...]

Gifts You Do Not Want From Your Mother-In-Law


We’re adults. We should, by this stage in our lives, be able to handle anything that comes our way (and that does not involve pain or death) without feigning deafness, playing hide and seek, or chewing the insides of our cheeks until they bleed. That’s how I think most people would like their self concept [...]

Merry Christmas Eve Eve. Eve.


Yes, my friends, it’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve and I’d like to share one of my family’s traditions/maladies with you. It’s called “premature eGiftulation”. For as long as I can remember, my family’s holiday gift exchange has started on Christmas Eve Eve Eve and possibly even Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve. I would [...]

A Liar’s Guide To Christmas

All hail the Prince of Lies!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! ‘Tis also the season of deception, subterfuge, and bald-faced lies. Giving your family a holiday full of surprises, warmth and wonderment involves lying like a cheap rug on the head of a used car salesman, so say goodbye to personal integrity and hello to A Liar’s Guide to Christmas. Parents: [...]