The Timeworn Tale of the Sick Mother and the Children Who Didn’t Care.

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I spent Friday feverish, throat like a Brillo Pad, dreading the moment the kids would come home. I heard them enter, my husband shushing them with a “Mom’s sick! Let her sleep!” The door squeaked. I sensed little faces staring at me in the dimness of my shuttered bedroom, their breathing like stage whispers. My [...]

A Fork In The Grass

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The following is a conversation that really took place last week, with no embellishment on my part. Allow me to set the scene: Nicky’s baseball game. Sunny, beautiful, breezy Sunday afternoon. I was sitting next to our friend, Glen* – our boys have played baseball together for the last few years, and even though he [...]

Zen and the Art of Toilet Seat Safety


In my mother’s cream-colored purse of my youth, you would have found something like this: A snap case of EMERGENCY toilet seat covers. Emergency; defined by my mother as any public restroom. I can hear the crinkle of the paper wreaths being pulled out as if it were yesterday. Not a single butt of any [...]

The Five-Second Rule Has its Limitations

If this fell on the floor, and my beasties got it before me, I'd cry a river of tears.

You know you’ve done it. You reach for your favorite dessert, cookie or the last piece of cake. You’re a bit clumsy so you kinda drop some. You look around to make sure no one is looking and scoop it up quickly, popping it into the intended target (your mouth). And if someone does notice? [...]

A Potentially Explosive Web Site

When I was a teenager, I had perfect skin. Really—I never had breakouts or blackheads or any need for that staple of teens everywhere…zit cream. I could fall asleep with makeup on, wear sunscreen all day long and sweat in the Florida heat with nary a blemish. Sadly, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen prey [...]