Either Or

File this under “The Truth Hurts”: I could have done better for myself. I could have studied Creative Writing or Art History or any number of things that interested me. What I chose instead was safe and sure. I didn’t go at it as much as drifted toward it like it was a life saver [...]

Selected Scenes from A Nightmare on Poo Street


People with older kids tell me that while it seems like my kids will be in diapers forever, one day I’ll look back and it’ll be a distant memory. They’re probably right, but as my kids approach their third birthday, with very little interest in depositing their fecal packages anywhere other than on their ass [...]

You’ve Heard of Holiday Debt, but Eco-Debt?

Our fragile world

OK. I’ll come clean. I’m in debt. Not up to my eyeballs but, well, I’m having to beat it away from the waistband of my trousers. The credit card companies are closing in and offering me unbelievably good 12 month’s interest free credit deals that suddenly turn into something a little more Mafia-esque when the [...]

Making QR Codes Fun And Not Sucky!


Have you seen those black and white block thingys that look like hypnotizing mutant bar codes? You know, these things: That black and white thingy is called a QR code. QR means queef reflex.