Is That You, Woody?


Ah, Fall, the greatest of seasons. I completely embrace that unbridled, yet never realized, Rockwellian ideal of Autumn. Pumpkin everything until you want to spit the seeds at a nun. But when it begins … you kiss your kiddies goodbye as they climb the steps of the bus, you ceremoniously high-five your spouse and venture [...]


See those beady little eyes staring at me? Watching my every move? I always feel like, Somebody's watching meeeee...

I’ll admit it. I’m not exactly a huge fan of spiders. You see, dear neighbors, that’s not the latest dance crazy I’m doing on the porch every morning when I’m taking the kids to the bus stop. That’s me getting trapped in a gigantic spider web and getting the HEEBY JEEBIES and attempting to get [...]

Half-assed is better than no ass at all, right?

So, flying in the face of all I think is right and good in the world, I was guilted into some yard work this weekend. You heard me right. YARD WORK. Which, apparently, involves more than just picking up the beer bottles and making sure the lawn guys have a clear path to the weeds [...]