Failure: A Lesson in Disguise


Those cupcakes up there? The ones with the heart shaped strawberries? I thought they looked quite pretty. As for taste, I gave them a big thumbs down. They ended up on my list of recipes that I thought were going to be good but ended up turning out to be complete failures. You would think [...]

Flawlessness is Killing Us Softly

Miss Unlimited, do you know Jean Kilbourne? You’re about to meet her. Please take a break today (the video is in two parts, 20 minutes each) and I promise you will be wiser, sharper, more in tune with yourself and the world around you. You will stop. Your jaw will drop. If you think your self-esteem isn’t adversely [...]

You Have to Fail If You Want to Succeed


Failure, it’s a scary word for most of us — simply put it’s the opposite of success and who likes a failure? Me! I think there is nothing better than failing because without failure you can never succeed.  If you don’t try to do something and give it your best, you will never know if [...]