Like For Like

Believe it or not, I was quite restrained here. I may need to talk to someone about my anger.

That’s apparently how it’s supposed to work. I will like/follow your thing if you like/follow mine. Can’t we just like or not like things based solely on whether or not we like them? I guess not. This is a post on my Facebook page wall. You don’t need to read it, because I’m not proud [...]

Is It Just Me?


Am I the only one who gets pissed off to the point of veins popping out of my neck when people share things on Facebook that haven’t been checked? A lot of it is stupid and mindless, but there are some that scare the bejeezus out of people. These are the dire warnings. Recently I [...]

The Best News Source

You can find all the TOTALLY ACCURATE information in the world!  Right on The Internets!

I’ve mentioned before I live in a bubble. Part of that living-in-isolation-not-getting-out-much thing is I also don’t watch a whole heckuva lot of television, either. We no longer get a newspaper delivered (which is good, because INK ON MY HANDS! GAH!). I occasionally read online news but unless someone makes a big stink about things [...]

Oooh Baby, Baby It’s a Mad World


Photo: YankeeJim Where is the forgiveness? I ask you – where is the understanding? It would be so easy to turn the other cheek – to say “Ah, that’s okay” and move on. Some people do. But I’m noticing a lot of people will make you pay for your indignities toward society, however insignificant. And [...]

Top 6 Ways You Are Annoying on Social Media

Since I’m a blogger and a media junkie, I’m online more than a lot. I’ve lovingly compiled this list of things you should reconsider sharing on social media, because they are annoying. You’re welcome. 1. Combining your significant other’s name with yours as a facebook name. You aren’t conjoined twins, KatieandMichael Jones. If you are [...]

My Digital Stalking Habit


The other day I found myself in the never ending rabbit hole that is called FaceBook stalking. It all started out innocently enough. I opened the social networking site and began looking at my newsfeed activity. Suddenly, where there are numerous comments in a status update, regardless of who posted the original activity, I find [...]

MU Teen: 4 Facebook Safety Tips


I assumed the numerous “Don’t add foreign-looking people, they sell drugs and never go to Mass!” lecture we received at school would prevent us from befriending neo-Nazis and kidney thieves online, but, as usual, I had overestimated my peers. After tales of a 14-year-old “siren” from the nearest city who turned out to be in his 20s, [...]

5 Things on Facebook Worse Than Pictures of Babies

Oh, is my laptop camera on? I was just reaching for my Diet Coke when my arm hit the button and fate captured my impossibly soulful stare in a totally unposed moment.

It all started with a status update. There I was, trolling my news feed for ways to avoid doing actual work or taking a shower in the approximately ten minutes per day my one year-old allots for my personal grooming needs while he restlessly tears up a roll of toilet paper, when I stumbled across [...]

How to Maximize Your Social Media


Social media is more than just Facebook, and social media tools are more than just Hootsuite. Frankly, I always found both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck annoying. Running multiple streams kept me from concentrating on a single stream. Their functionality is amazing, but their dashboards leave a lot to be desired. But as a social media manager [...]

The Real Porn for Women


The line that hits me strongest (so far) in Caitlin Moran’s book, How to Be a Woman (which my awesome friend, Andreae, loaned me), is: “Imagine if pornography was not this bizarre, mechanized, factory-farmed fucking… Imagine if it were about desire.” Moran goes on to talk about how pornography would look if women were making [...]

SPONSORED: I Haven’t Had a Vacation in 10 Years


St. Lucia had me at “give us your body and we’ll give you back your mind.” I know it sounds naughty and I know there is a joke here, but I am desperate for a vacation. So desperate I can’t find my dirty joke spot. It’s a sad day, folks. I’ve got about 65 million tabs open, [...]

8 Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday on Facebook


Once upon a time, when a family member, close friend, or loved one celebrated a birthday, you were expected to send them a card. In the MAIL. That you wrote a personal message in. And bought a stamp for. Okay, seriously, stop laughing. Then e-cards absolved us of the oh-shit-grandma’s-birthday-is-TODAY guilt. Plus, phone calls were [...]