7 Ways to Help Moms Survive

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I can’t decide if the title phrase “help moms survive” is too simplistic or too sensational, but it is extremely literal. We’re talking about keeping women alive. We’re talking, specifically, about how we – you and me – can prevent the deaths of 900 pregnant women every single day. It’s powerful stuff, right? It is [...]

There is something you can do to help

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It’s Aiming Low Does Good Wednesday! Which means talking about stuff that is hard! And getting depressed about all of the people in the world who need help! Hoor-wait a minute. When we hear that 1,000 women all over the world die every single day as a result of pregnancy or child birth complications, it’s [...]

Not Every Birth Story is Funny, And Every Mother Counts

maternal health

There are few things funnier than a really well told pregnancy, labor, and delivery story. The hemorrhoids. The weird food cravings. The waddling and water breaking and swearing that you will do anything for anyone if they will JUST GET THIS THING OUT OF YOU ALREADY. It’s really easy to turn the miracle of life [...]