You’re An Adult So Start Texting Like It


I had a text conversation today. It was actually a conglomeration of text conversations from several people so that my friends who text like that can pretend that it’s not about them. It’s totally about them. Every goddamn one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, and just because they do things that [...]

Lay versus Lie Gives Woman Freakin’ Heart Attack


Chickens lay eggs, people lie down. But then what about “Now I lay me down to sleep…?” Never mind,  read this: “Every afternoon we lay down and rest for an hour,” laying is okay here because it’s in the past. But are we chickens now? Stop thinking. Here’s more: the past participle of the verb [...]

A Way with Words


Math has never been my strong suit. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with numbers.  I am resourcefully fluent with words. I can manipulate words, change them around, shake them up and give them new meaning. I can speak in a language that my generation connects with. Numbers are too strict.  I’ve [...]

Lost in Translation


I’m a military brat. We bounced around various locales in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Chicago (it is too a state), and also spent a year in Frankfurt, Germany. As such, I was exposed to various regional dialects. I was always enthralled with how words and language changed depending on where we were. Somehow, I didn’t [...]

14 Things You Never Knew About England and the English

mug of tea

So, I bet you all think that the English are a nation of tea-swilling, queue-forming, shopkeepers who wear bowler hats and have bad teeth–well… you wouldn’t be far off, actually. But did you also know that… The nation’s favourite dish used to be fish and chips, but it is now that not-very-English culinary delight of [...]