My Name is Robin Plemmons & These Are Fun Words To Yell


Hello, people on Earth who are reading these words. The last time I was talking on your screen, I got a little serious about inhaling & exhaling for peace. So to balance that out, here is something stupid & entirely obnoxious. I know I said that THERE WILL BE DANCING (& maybe corn dogs) but apparently [...]

Some Drugs are Good


You know things are getting messy when your doctor tells you that you need to go work from Starbucks. I already knew something was wrong. I was there because something was wrong. I was there to go back on a medication I hadn’t needed in several years. I could feel it coming back–the irrational anger, [...]

Perception is Reality & The Company You Keep

the breakfast club

When I was a teenager my dad would say, “You are judged by the friends you keep” and none of that made sense at the time.  He would explain, if you hang out with, as he would say, “low lifes” or “druggies” people will automatically assume you are just like them.  That you too must [...]

I Want It. I Need It. Give It To Me, Baby.


I’ve never snorted cocaine. I haven’t dabbled with meth. Alcohol is my friend but not my BFFFFF. And porn makes me want to dry heave and pray for people’s overused private parts. In a discussion about addiction the other day, I felt confident in saying that I was not enslaved to anything tangible. Until my pal [...]