Foreigner Was Right: Love is Urgent


Even though she knows I hate Urgent Care, my daughter (let’s call her the Girl) has contracted poison oak again.  She’s swelling, she’s itching, she’s oozing.  The whole situation is downright miserable. For me.  But before your eyes roll, let me explain. I have a history of poor judgment regarding when a visit to Urgent Care [...]

Worth It?


Saturday there was a doctor at the hospital where I volunteer. At work at 6pm on a Saturday night. Looking tired, beaten down. Having a discussion with his wife on the phone. Deciding on pizza toppings. Not an argument, per se, but more thought and effort than it should have taken to decide against spinach. [...]

Confusion, The Medical Profession and Poop


As I have recently given birth, it stands to reason that I have also recently seen a variety of medical professionals for a variety of reasons. In addition to the hordes of doctors and nurses I saw to bring the babe into the world, the child himself needs to be seen. In the midst of [...]

Life Lesson 4397: Don’t Keep A Skinny Mirror Next To Your Refrigerator

I may have quit smoking and drinking, but a healthy muffin top and a lumpy butt have moved in to take their place.