I Felt Like a Kid Again


When my husband and I started tossing around the idea of surprising our daughters with their first trip to Disneyland* during our vacation in San Diego I felt unsure and excited at the same time. I knew the holiday crowd was probably going to be a little crazy but I was almost certain that my girls would [...]

The Five Worst Things about Disneyland


There are eleventy billion articles about why Disneyworld is awesome. Here’s one about the ways in which it blows.

I Wish You Were (Disney) Dead


To every mother who has had to endure a child’s petulant outburst “I wish you were dead!”: I feel your pain. Apparently, our spawn did not receive the memo clearly stating that their express purpose in life is to worship the woman who bore them. For you moms, I would like to offer the “I [...]

Sorry PETA. Don’t hate me.

make a wish 2 012

My daughter Quinnlin was recently granted a wish that has been in the works for over 2 years. She was recommended to the Make-A-Wish Foundation by her Child Life Specialist and health care team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because she has a chronic, life-threatening illness (recessive polycystic kidney disease) like her brother and has [...]