Top 5 Huffington Post Slideshows I Clicked Through in 2013 While Waiting for My Kids.

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It’s the end of the year and that means I’m going all “best of” list on your asses. The typical top 10 topics are out. I saw exactly zero movies last year. My Spotify playlists are frozen in the 1990s. I could make lists of things like “Top 10 Reasons I Yelled at My Kids [...]

Decorating With Animals – OR – My Marmoset Has Horrible Taste in Fabric

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When I found out that the latest trend in interior design is to decorate with animals, I dusted off my dog’s top hat and monocle and said, “Come, Chewie! We are going to Target!” But then I found out that what they mean is to use animals as objects and inspriation in your decorating, and [...]

A Christmas Tradition That Won’t Sap Me of My Very Lifeblood


Does the Christmas spirit of others make you want to lie in bed all day long?

Sustainable Kids’ Room Decor

JellyBeanRow Houses

We’re in the process of remodelling our kids’ rooms. The thing I hate is that their interests change rather quickly. And if I’m going to invest money in things like wall décor, I want it to be something that will last. So rather than invest money into things like wall murals and kids’ designs, I [...]

Ikea = The Purest Love. Ikea = Frying Pan to Head

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It was an innocent thing really, when I grabbed my keys, forced my daughter into the car hungry and made my way to Ikea. It was Sunday. Frying Pan Number One. On a Holiday weekend. Frying Pan Number Two. It hurts to love Ikea. Hurts so good. I can’t tell you why I did it, [...]

EZPZ: Decorating with Clothing

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I am fairly (obsessively) sentimental. I am sure it is just who I am but I am 100% certain that it also comes from the fact that my kids have medical issues. I like to document, save, record and remember everything that has ever happened them and our family. Both late walkers at around age [...]

EZPZ – Decorating with Books, the Aiming Low way.


I’m getting ready to do some big and not so big projects around my home. When we moved in two years ago the walls of our new home were neutral enough to be move-in ready.  So that’s what we did – we moved our stuff in and tried to make things work as best as [...]