The Incredible Dancing Six-Toed Woman


It all started one morning when my husband and I were walking the dog. A woman stopped us to ask how to get to the Dali Museum. My husband gave her completely wrong directions because he was confusing his left and his right. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a genius. I wouldn’t know. [...]

4 School Dance Pro Tips


Oh, the drama of the school dance. The highs, the lows, THE PRESSURE. Trust me on this…it ain’t no big thing. Myth 1.  I only get ONE PROM, so it has to be P E R F E C T You don’t have go all Promzilla with crazy expectations and tremendous expense. Aside from the [...]

My Name is Robin Plemmons & This is a Vlog.

Photo on 12-20-12 at 11.13 PM #3

Hello! I’m Robin Plemmons & this is the start of a beautiful thing. I will be vlogging here at Aiming Low every week & bringing all sorts of video nonsense to your screen. This one is an edited compilation of my many failed attempts of introducing myself, along with little snippets of me dancing deliriously [...]