I’m Going To Make Up My Own Word Today


From here on in and forever, I will use any word I want to, made up in any way that fits, because I just saw it done on national television in a one on one discussion of North Korea. When recently interviewed by CNN and asked about the situation and motives behind North Korea’s leader, [...]

Glory Days


What happens to dictators when they get old? Do their sunglasses interfere with their advancing macular degeneration?  Has their stance on facial hair changed?

Curing Piggies

The ultimate cure-all

Every time things get a bit crazy in the news, and it involves the kids, I think about the whole Swine Flu outbreak a while back. I remember being enthralled by such wide-spread disruption to our normal routine. Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania, about the only thing I could compare all the ensuing school [...]