Daily Awesome 01/03/13


So I have admittedly had a few Pinterest-inspired failures. Recipes that don’t turn out as pretty,  altered t-shirts that don’t “upcycle” into anything wearable… it happens to the best of us! But I don’t think any of my crafting mishaps can compare to Zakary from Raising Colorado’s “DIY is Full of Danger: A Cautionary Tale”; [...]

5 Cheap and Easy DIY Gifts


What better way to help you with gift-giving this season than to revisit some Aiming Low ways to make something and share. These gifts are easy, unexpected, inexpensive and really cool. All the things we are around here. In full disclosure, these are all my posts, so it’s like a Julia Collective, just for you. [...]

Navigating the Holidays as a Non-Crafter


With the holiday season creeping up closer and closer to Independence Day, I have noticed a major uptick in holiday-themed crafting. That’s bad news for a non-crafter like me. I could MAYBE pull off a ye olde popcorn garland for the Christmas tree, but those graveyard cakes for Halloween? The fairies in the jar? I [...]

What No One Tells You About Rock Tumblers


As a kid, I always hoped for a rock tumbler. Profitable fun by picking up rocks from a casual glance down on the ground and bringing it home to your rock tumbler. I had seen before and after pictures on the boxes. You could have a sapphire or pink quartz; from grey and dull to [...]

6 Essential Things Every Aspiring Crafter Needs


I am by nature, a crafter. Or maybe I’m just crafty. It could possibly be that am a hopeful crafty crafter. One thing I do well is accumulate accessories to help me in my craftiness, which makes me qualified to decide the 6 Essential Things Every Aspiring Crafter Needs to set up the perfect craft [...]

How to Make Glass Bead Magnets


A week ago, Joseph’s school sent a letter home reminding parents of Staff Appreciation Week. While I do appreciate his teacher and the staff at his school, I didn’t actually receive this letter from my ex until today. Three days prior to the event. Three days during which I’m also throwing Joseph’s sixth birthday party and [...]

How to Make a Box of Love

"Is this a box of love?" you say.

Like I’ve said 10 or maybe 20 times on this site, I’m not a real artist like the ever-talented Robin Plemmons, but I do alright. I mean, alright by my standards. And the standards of my kids and the people who love me. You’ll only need to collect some mint tins, paper, glue/spray mount and [...]

How to Make a Ring of Power


Way back in August while I was at BlogHer, I finally met a group of people of supreme awesomeness and one of them handed me what this group calls the Ring of Power. It’s hard to miss this ring. This particular group of women often wear it in solidarity. I wear it when I want [...]

How to Turn a Dog Crate into An Artsy End Table

Picture 1

My home is full of a hodge podge of stuff. Most of it was either handed down to us, or we’ve purchased it used from thrift stores or garage sales. I am all about repurposing stuff, or having stuff serve more than one purpose. While our house isn’t small–1,800 square feet for two adults, two [...]

How to Make a Homemade Olla


I love to garden. Which is nice, but when one lives in an area that hits triple digit temperatures throughout the summer, one finds oneself staring at dead plants more often than not. So one does what ancient civilizations do. No. Not human sacrifice.

How to Make a Superhero Cape


A couple of years ago, I found myself trapped in a house with two very active little boys and a baby. It was the sort of situation guaranteed to crack even the toughest nut. And let’s be fair. I’m not that tough. In a flash of genius, I told the boys I’d make them superhero [...]

The Lazy Way to DIY a Skirt and Confound the Neighbors


1. Emasculation. Dig out a pair of capri pants that don’t fit well so you may ruin without guilt. Using a seamripper, those golden stork scissors, a straight razor or a paring knife, cut all the threads holding the inseam together. This is time-consuming; you may want to put a movie on for this step. [...]