I Am A Geek Dad

star wars storm trooper dad

I guess I was cool before it was cool to be…cool. I thought I lost my coolness nine years ago when #1 slid down the sperm slide. I traded my Metallica CDs for VeggieTales and my house parties changed to birthday parties. Maybe I never lost my coolness. With the rise in popularity of The [...]

My Creative Process

Let's see, I could write about...no. Hey! I'll paint my toenails!

When I’m “writing” (which is really typing or blogging or posting or whatevs) I go through this process. I have stuff written down all over my house on sticky notes and if I’m driving someplace I pull over and put it on a note app on my phone because OMG I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT [...]

BlackBerry: Being A Parent Of Cyber Babies

Blackberry Playbook

Video killed the radio star when I was a teen. Using a BlackBerry PlayBook you could see that video on a crisp app with your buddies, then email it to all your friends after posting it to your Facebook wall. This is the “cyber baby” generation. Age has very little to do with the term. [...]

Google Searches Requiring Parental Supervision


I’m a giver. Always have been. I feel if you’ve done something that has baptized you by the fire, then you owe it to others to keep them out of that frying pan. My two oldest children are teens, and I have learned through the iron fist of experience that some Google search terms need [...]

Happy Birthday to Message Boards!


Internet message forums turn 34 today. This essentially means that our generation doesn’t know a world without message boards–they have always just been there like the mustard in the back of your fridge, the date of purchase for which you can’t remember. (Dude. It came with the house.) Conceived in a blizzard by two nerds in [...]

Use PortableApps on Public Computers to Make Yourself at Home


Have you ever had to borrow a computer, or (gasp) browse for something personal at the office, or generally ever have to use a computer other than your own? You may have noticed that it is really fricking annoying because your sweet friend still uses Internet Explorer 6.0 and doesn’t have a decent music player, [...]

Easy, Lazy, Glorious Backup Solutions


I know that we Aim Low here, but that’s no excuse for not backing up your computer. In fact, if you are truly aiming low, you’d be backing up your computer daily. Know why? Having a solid backup is a LOT less work than trying to recreate years worth of files and priceless memories after [...]

EZPZ: RSS Feeds and the 5 W’s

chrome_rss subscribe

Once upon a time, bloggers chiseled their posts into stone tablets which were then passed around the village, each friendly face or troll scratching their comments into the rock. Then Al Gore invented the Internet and RSS feeds were created because stone tablets became somewhat of an endangered species (really, how often do you see [...]