Abercrombie’s a Bitch


Have you heard? About the XXL controversy stirred up by Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries in his 2006 interview with Salon Magazine? It’s recently resurfaced and in it, Jeffries explains why his company won’t sell clothes larger than size 10, saying that plus size people are just “not cool” enough to wear A & F duds. Seriously? [...]

The Color Purple


My daughter has a passion for the color purple. If an article of clothing doesn’t have some shade of purple in it, forget about it. She shakes her little head, tendrils of curls flying around, and says, “No, mommy. I want the purple shirt … purple pants … purple socks … purple backpack … purple [...]

First World Closet Problems


For a striking example of First World Problems, I submit, Exhibit A: The Walk-In Closet. More times than I can count, I have stood amidst shameful racks and stacks of clothing, muttering to myself, “I have NOTHING to wear!” Nothing, no thing. No swathe of material that I deem appropriate to place over my body [...]

The Only Accessory You’ll Ever Need

So CHIC!  SO MAGNIFIQUE!  Yes, I'm the epitome of all things fashion. (It's OPPOSITE DAY!)

I have a wicked gag reflex. Go ahead, laugh. I’ll wait. Are you done now? Still being twelve? I’ll wait again… Anywho, I have this gag reflex, so I don’t like to wear things like turtlenecks or tight necklaces or collars that button up. (Not that ANYONE wears turtlenecks anymore. It’s sooooo twenty years ago. [...]

My Uniform


I’ve been a stay-at-home/work-at-home parent for nearly twelve years now. I used to get dressed every single day. I’d don a pair of jeans or some khakis or a cute top and I’d take my toddlers on a long walk into town, stopping at the library or grocery store. Those were the days. These days [...]

Our Closets, Ourselves

full closet

My closet is full, fit to bursting, cram-packed. It is full of clothes I can’t wear, clothes I will never wear again and clothes that I haven’t worn for years.  A collection of garments that are too small, don’t suit me or make me look like mutton dressed as lamb. Mini-skirts that my English bluey-white [...]

6 Sneaky Ways To Tell Your BFF She Looks Horrible in Capris


Spring is here. The sun is coming out and the winter coats are being put away. Your BFF is asking you to come along on a spring time shopping spree because when temperatures get higher, shirt sleeves and pants legs get shorter. Being the awesome friend that you are, you go with her to the [...]

Dear Kids: I’m Sorry You Had to See Daddy Die. Please Don’t Blame Yourselves.


A letter to my children from beyond the grave.

Why Clothes Shopping Is So Hard for Dudes


Buying a different kind of hat could ruin your life

10 Spring 2012 Fashion Trends You Have My Full Permission to Ignore

2012 spring fashion trends

There are a few trends for Spring 2012 I am hoping 2013 might weed out for us.

The Lazy Way to DIY a Skirt and Confound the Neighbors


1. Emasculation. Dig out a pair of capri pants that don’t fit well so you may ruin without guilt. Using a seamripper, those golden stork scissors, a straight razor or a paring knife, cut all the threads holding the inseam together. This is time-consuming; you may want to put a movie on for this step. [...]

Fashion Rules with The Domestic Goddess

Great! Accentuate the widest part of my body! Good idea!

Ah, back to school time! To celebrate the impending demise of summer,  I’ve taken my boys shopping for clothes. They have rules. They prefer classic colors, all cotton clothing and elastic waistband pants only, shoes that don’t tie, no zippers or buttons. It’s not hard. KIDDING! It’s nearly impossible to find clothing that meets their [...]