It’s Two Days After Christmas…A Totally Exhausted Poem

                                image credit It’s Two Days After Christmas ‘Tis two days after Christmas and all through the house Shit’s strewn everywhere and there’s wine on my blouse The kids in their snuggles tucked up in their beds While visions of flame throwers [...]

Five Wishes For Santa

santa baby

There are five things I’d like for Christmas, but I’m not planning on visiting the local mall to sit on some fat guy’s lap with my wish list in hand. A candy cane and a pat on the head isn’t going to give me the confidence I need to fulfill my Christmas wishes, either. I’ll [...]

Daily Awesome 01/01/13

I know it’s the new year and all, and hopefully you did all your Christmas shopping, but just in case you didn’t, I wanted to offer up some things you can skip buying. Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva offers us her 3rd Annual Horrible Gifts for the Guide, and really, it could be subtitled [...]

Daily Awesome 12/31/12

I hope you had a great Christmas! I certainly did, and am amazed at the number of people we managed to cram into our little house! Today’s featured awesome is from People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and is pretty close to perfection in terms of the amazing humble brag. There’s a constant [...]

You Say It’s Your Birthday

Now THAT'S a birthday cake!

I have a large family. Large family means tons of birthdays. Specifically speaking, the fall months are super busy (Valentine’s Day plus nine months.) But the month with tons o’ birthdays? DECEMBER. We’re Irish. Count back nine months. I’ll wait. (It’s March 17th—aka St. Patrick’s Day— for those of you not good at math). So. Birthdays. [...]

My Toddler’s Christmas List


As I was roaming the aisles of a big-box toy store the other day, I realized that my 18-month-old daughter could care less about 99% of the stuff for sale. I know what she wants for Christmas, and it’s not a dolly that sits on the toilet or a pink plastic household appliance. Here’s a [...]

6 Things I Want For Christmas, but Won’t Get


I’ve been working on my Christmas list for weeks. There are two versions. The one I sent to my parents was full of books that they can easily order from my favorite indie bookstore. I’m treating you to the secret one here today—the list of things I really want: 1. World peace Yes, I am [...]

MU Teen: On Being Grateful


It’s 2:52 a.m. I can hear the dogs bark. I am working terribly to squeeze a little something out of my tiny brain, but it’s frozen. I wonder what it would be like to have all my dreams come true–to get into Harvard, write a book which will win trillions of hearts, adopt a kid, [...]



I remember having an advent calendar when I was younger but I don’t remember having expensive toys to open every day. I had discolored pieces of chocolate to look forward for 25 Days. The advent calendar was made to count down the days until Christmas, or so they say. Personally, I think that some pissed [...]

Gift Cards: Yea or Nay?


As the holidays approach I’ve been thinking a lot about one subject. Gift cards. We all know that gift cards are wonderful presents for teachers or clients or nieces and nephews that we rarely see, but how do you feel about gift cards as stocking stuffers? As in “How did Santa know that you love [...]

7 Lazy Tricks to Tackle Holiday Baking


I love the holidays, and I love baking. No lie; I just might have a problem. As much as I love to bake, it can be such a time-suck. Along the way, I’ve found great tricks to make holiday goodies completely kick ass, without much effort. Intrigued? You should be! Boxed is OK! Boxed cookie or [...]

Jesus, You’re Stealing My Thunder!


Did you ever get one of those celebrity birthday calendars? You know, the one where you can find out that Kim Kardashian and your grandma have the same birthday? I hate those calendars. I vividly remember having to go look up the people that share my birthday. Before the Internets, too. Good luck being a [...]