A Christmas Tradition That Won’t Sap Me of My Very Lifeblood


Does the Christmas spirit of others make you want to lie in bed all day long?

Tree-Trimming For Heathens


My great-aunt Pauline, who has since passed away, was an avid crossword puzzle fan. She and my father spoke on a regular basis, and she would sometimes call up with questions about crossword puzzle clues. One afternoon, years ago, my father received the following call: Aunt Pauline: “What do you call those little hats Jewish [...]

Tis’ the Season for Happy Times!

Children in their Sweet Little Costumes

It’s that time of year when the Holidays are upon us and I want to show you some examples of good times, people, good times because I’m fun like that. It’s possible that you’ll want to replicate these good times but note all of my reference photo proofs are of the Christmas and Christian variety. [...]