How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

birthday cake

It’s my birthday today. Yup. I’m going to be 29 again. I’ve been turning 29 for six years now. Lots of time to get the perfect 29th birthday planned. First, I’m going to read though the journals I kept as a teenager and laugh at my angsty teenage self. This will allow me to feel [...]

Remember That Time I Thought My Life Was An Episode Of A TLC Pregnancy Reality Drama?


It started when I, sleep deprived because of a 10 month-old baby, went on a massive TLC binge. Because, obviously, the sensible thing to do when you spend all your waking (and sleeping) time with an infant is to wile away nap minutes watching episodes of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” Sleep deprivation made [...]

Tell Me What You Really Think


I stood over her sprawled out on the floor covered in cake. Her perfect makeup was perfectly messed up and her hair was covered in icing. I made the universal wrestling symbol for ‘the championship belt is mine’, which seemed strangely appropriate but of course she, being highly refined, didn’t get it. She started stammering [...]