I Wanna See You Be Brave

Sara Bareilles

Confession: I have a huge girl crush on singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. She is uber cute and I totally want to be BFFs with her. For the past couple of weeks I have listened to her album The Blessed Unrest at least once a day. Sometimes twice. I am completely obsessed with her song Brave. It’s [...]

You’ve Got Nothing to Prove


The Doubleclicks are an awesome musical duo made up of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber. Their music is folky, witty, sometimes geeky, and all around fun. One of my favorites is Oh, Mr. Darcy. [Side note: What is it about Mr. Darcy that makes me swoon? He’s totally jerky in most of Pride and Prejudice. [...]

Quiz: Know Your Bullying ABCs


Is it bullying when someone leaves a not on your car saying you don’t know how to park?

Conquer Your Fear and Lead the Way

lead the way

Being a leader is hard these days, it means you have to take a stand, go against the crowd and maybe go against your friends, it means having a mind of your own.  It means telling people that you cannot be manipulated and molded to fit their agenda but instead that you will walk through [...]

Catfight: Why You Gotta Hate on Her


Is there a girl you just can’t stand? Maybe you’re not sure why, but she’s your foil – the girl you were born to hate. But where did this hatred come from?

I am number one! Okay, Maybe Not Anymore but Neil Diamond will love me no matter what.

My daughter will turn 8 this year. The other day we were walking the dog and she began to tell me how this one girl in her class doesn’t like another one and how a different girl doesn’t want to play with some other chick.  Luckily, I’ve got a kid with pretty good self esteem [...]