Being Good Enough


At least once a month I write a piece for Aiming Low’s Miss Unlimited. I write about a myriad of things. Relationships. Being yourself. Confidence. My mission is to inspire. To give hope. To let those young girls know that everything they are going through, all the awkward and difficult stuff, I’ve gone through too. [...]

To the Man Who Saw Me Naked


Hi, Manuel, Let’s not make this any more awkward than it already is. You just saw me naked. You just came over to trim the trees with your crew. I wasn’t really aware of the extent of the trimming about to take place, because I don’t give a shit about tree trimming. That’s Current Legal [...]

Lay the Spanx Wings Upon Me


Is there anyone that remembers girdles? My mother wore one, and watching her wrestle into it never ceased to amuse me. I’d pop some Jiffy Pop and sit on the edge of the bed, and await the All-Star Wrestler that my mother became when she’d take on the Playtex 18-Hour Cross Your Heart I Can’t [...]

MU Teen: Skinny Love

skinny love

It’s the thing that every young woman seem to be completely obsessed with these days–being their skinniest selves. Everyone understands that pressure; we all see the 98-pound girls walking around our halls. At some point though, everyone realizes it’s a little too much, and instead of offering our help, we do what society does; we judge. [...]

MU Teen: Focus on the Good the Mirror Shows

mirror image

We’ve all stared in front of the mirror with a frown, wishing for this and that to be different, smaller, bigger. Personally, I do it a lot. I’m sure we all do, unfortunately. Why can’t we just be grateful for what we do have? I stumbled upon an article earlier entitled “Meet Lizzie Velasquez: A [...]

Skinny is Complicated

skinny (188x250)

I don’t shop with women. I don’t make eye contact with other female shoppers. I don’t have to. I can feel the chill as they scowl at my tiny frame while I pick through hangers to find a size 4. I have a very good reason for being this thin but I’m not going to [...]

The Fat That Didn’t Weigh Me Down

Umbrella bird (480x640)

As a kid, I danced for 12 years, but I never had a “dancer’s” body. You know…long limbs, angular lines, narrow everything.  I was short and curvy and those things were not celebrated in traditional ballet troupes. I also swam, again putting my thick, unathletic body on display, this time in painted-on Speedos (waaay before [...]

Do Everything You Want and Still Gain Weight!

I love cupcakes.

There is no perfect size!! I scoff at patriarchal bullshit that insinuates as much!! But, like, OMG, I am soooo fat. I continue to be fabulous, beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. Nonetheless, I’m a big, fat force to reckoned with. I won’t bore you with why I’m fatter now than ever before, [...]

You Might Be Out of Shape If…


Deadlines, due dates, these words are the only language I understand to get things done. Left to my own devices, things get left alone. But, if my back is up against the wall, you’ll see action on my part. Knowing this about me is how I knew I could trick myself into getting in shape. [...]

10 Ways to Look Good in a Swimsuit

medium_2686125420 (1)

Smile! Have fun! Exude confidence.

Little Big Woman


There’s this body image disorder, where you think you’re bigger than you are. Where you see yourself as all lumps and bumps and weighing as much as two yaks when you’re really just a good, solid goat. I have that about myself in my head, only about my height, not my weight. I’m only 5′ [...]

No Strings Attached


I love my eyes, but I wish my forehead wasn’t so big. I love the curve of my hips, but I think my inner thighs are too big. I love my sense of humor, but I worry that others will think I’m trying too hard to be funny. I love the brightness of my smile, but [...]