Look, Daddy-I’m A Writer

There are some similarities.

He doesn’t understand. He probably thinks I should get a good factory job, work there for thirty years, then retire with a good pension. You know, just like he did. Sometimes I wish I could do it, but that would have me retiring at 71. There also aren’t many “good” factory jobs anymore. You’re lucky [...]

Get This Laptop to the ER, STAT!


My laptop had a stroke. There were no warning signs. One minute all my gigahertz and jigawatts were working fine, and the next; nothing… nada… zippo. It wasn’t a sniffle or a snort. It was sudden death. Sensing that something really, really bad had happened, I immediately called my local Apple store to make an [...]

6 Things I Want For Christmas, but Won’t Get


I’ve been working on my Christmas list for weeks. There are two versions. The one I sent to my parents was full of books that they can easily order from my favorite indie bookstore. I’m treating you to the secret one here today—the list of things I really want: 1. World peace Yes, I am [...]

Your Awesomeness


The Internet is full of blogs. The owners of those blogs are often really good writers. Not ALL! Let’s face it, everyone with a keyboard thinks they should blog (case in point). But because the Interwebs can be such a time time suck, you may not always get a chance to check out those thoughtful, well-written, [...]

The Walking Dead

old people walking

Have you noticed the number of old people walking these days? I don’t mean walking versus wheel chairs or being flat out six feet under, though that is something to boast about when you are 87. I’m referring to the sheer volumes of elderly people that I see walking along my neighborhood trails daily. It’s [...]

The Time Traveler’s Laundress


I have now been a stay at home mother/blogger/writer type person for close to four weeks. Time flies! No, seriously. It flies. When I was working as a thankless public servant, I imagined that my days at home would go like this: I would wake up before the children feeling refreshed. The cardinals outside our [...]

Stop Waiting to Be Picked


A few weeks ago, I had to make a call and have a blogging vent session. I feel terrible–but not too awful–that I always choose the same person. “One day,” I told her, “I will have a phone call all about unicorns and rainbows.” And then we laughed. But that was after I had let [...]

How to Make New Friends After Having Kids

Your new friends should be getting up at sunrise, not staggering home from the bars.

When you become a parent, many of your old friends fade away. Maybe they’re tired of hearing about where Jr. has smeared his poo… or maybe you’re tired of hearing about which corner of the pub they’ve throw up in. It’s somewhat harder making new friends as an adult. It’s not like when you were [...]

11 Reasons I Blog

OH MY GAH, MOM. You are soooo not funny. *eyeroll*

I’m about to let you in on a little blogging secret. Sometimes, when bloggers are at their funniest, it is when they are experiencing their greatest pain. See, I write because it’s a great outlet. A great stress-reliever. It helps me screw my head on the proper way and get stuff done. And some of [...]

Blogging Makes You Famous. Not.


  If you’re writing your blog because you have grandiose dreams of being the most popular girl (or guy, or guy in drag), I’m here to tell you that you can just toss that wish-bag of uncertain promises aside. If you’re not writing from the heart, people won’t give a damn enough for you to [...]

7 Steps to Writing a Killer Blog Post


Are you serious about writing? Do you want to know how to get those words down, polished and with your deadline met, leaving your editor with her hands poised over her keyboard begging you for more, more, more? I can’t help you with any of that, but I can tell you how to get a blog [...]

#NonCon Update! New RoundTable Leaders & Defining Non-Tables

AL Non-Con Banner 2

We’re adding Roundtable Leaders to the already outstanding schedule we have: Tracy Beckerman is going to join us at our Building Communities Roundtable. Tracy Beckerman writes the humor column and blog, LOST IN SUBURBIA®, which is syndicated to over 400 newspapers and on 250 related websites to about 10 million readers. She is the author of [...]