7 Tips for Post Blog Conference Survival

@littleanimation, or JC and I snuggling. Right in front of her husband, @thehuzofjc even

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the infamous Aiming Low Noncon, it’s time to talk about how I’ve survived. I mean, seriously. I’ve had to live without The People of Noncon (yes, that’s a new Nation), and it has been… difficult. I’ve had to get up and do stuff. Stuff other than looking [...]

It’s All Fun and Games Until Robin Tells Someone I Drank Pee

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I know what you are thinking; this is just a shocker title.  Surely, there is no way that Robin Plemmons would tell someone that you drank pee. And my friend, I would have to tell you that you are wrong. Well that, and to not call me Shirley.  Yeah, I know that was totally way [...]

International Date with Insomnia

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We had a summer sitter who was a little bit like a nanny, a lot like a niece, an aunt to the kids and fantastically energetic because she was fit and athletic and she could keep up with the little cherubs (hellions). She’s a rugby player and even played on the World Cup team. Can [...]

Aiming Low Exposed – the NOLA Edition


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a blogging conference in New Orleans with several of my fellow low aimers. It was a great chance to put faces to names and gather blackmail material that could come in handy during future negotiations. However, I am anti-blackmail. And so, in an effort to level [...]