What Happens When Things Go Wrong With The BlackBerry PlayBook?


My new BlackBerry PlayBook reminds me of countertops. In a good way. See, I used to own a granite countertop business (I sold my half to a business partner in October of 2010). And it was a good, little shop, too, 15-ish employees fabricating and installing around seven kitchens a week. One thing that made [...]

3 BlackBerry PlayBook Photo Apps

BlackBerry Playbook

While the BlackBerry PlayBook’s camera is not quite the equal of my usual iPhone camera, it’s not too shabby for a point and shoot, and I had some fun with a few of the apps I’ve played around with so far.

5 Reasons Lois Lane’s Ditching Superman for the PlayBook


Sorry, Clark Kent, Superman and maybe even Jimmy… Lois Lane is going solo. In a fascinating turn of events, the veteran journalist of Metropolis’ Daily Planet is rumored to have booted both Clark Kent and Superman, who incidentally are never seen together but that doesn’t mean anything, from her tight circle of confidantes. The upgraded [...]

Trading Blackboards for BlackBerries: Little Kids and the BlackBerry PlayBook


Two kinds of professionals make me nervous: teachers and cops. In the interest of my not getting arrested, let’s talk teachers. In the seventh grade, I had a history teacher that dictated the outline of each chapter of our American history book while also writing it on the blackboard. Like this: I. Causes for the American [...]

BlackBerry: Being A Parent Of Cyber Babies

Blackberry Playbook

Video killed the radio star when I was a teen. Using a BlackBerry PlayBook you could see that video on a crisp app with your buddies, then email it to all your friends after posting it to your Facebook wall. This is the “cyber baby” generation. Age has very little to do with the term. [...]

Blackberry Playbook – I’m Going to Need That TPS Report


I’ve been lucky enough to try out the new Blackberry Playbook for the fine folks at Aiming Low. At first, it was just another excuse to play video games when I should have been doing actual work. But the more I use it, the more I love it. Most recently, it came in handy at [...]

Chicks Love Tetris


Up until several months ago my life was a perfect model of balance (*cough, cough*)—a model of perfect balance until a certain friend and her husband introduced me to some goofy game, the premise of which involves enraged birds, aloof swine, and flimsy-looking structures begging to be knocked down. Some friends. This game—this stupid, trivial, [...]

Happy Fridays Mean Prizes for Readers

reader presents

Last month, Aiming Low Does Good promoted Autism Awareness Month. As part of that promotion, we held a giveaway for a Blackberry Playbook. One way to enter to win was to make a donation to Autism Speaks. Together, we ended up raising $590 during May. We’re pretty excited about that because we know that. We’re [...]

April: Autism Speaks and You Win a Playbook Tablet from Blackberry


It’s estimated an average of 1 in 110 children in the United States have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Approximately 36,500 of the children born each year will eventually be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with autism typically have medical expenses that cost about $5,000 more per year than the annual medical expenses of [...]