How to Go From a 6 to 8 in Hotness


I’m about to change your life. Now, that’s a pretty bold claim. You are right to doubt. There’s a lot of sixes out there that have bumped themselves up to eights. With one simple move. Cosmetics? Liposuction? Facial reconstructive surgery? Nope. Wearing sunglasses makes you instantly hotter. Two points, to be accurate. How does this [...]

A Heaping Bowl of Self-Esteem


self–es·teem / noun: a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities Eight, maybe 10 years ago, my older sister Tammy sent me this bowl. I suppose she sent it because she has a huge amount of self-esteem and she wanted to share that a little bit. I’ve always admired her for her no bullshit attitude [...]

Problem Solving Using Third World Solutions

A family.  On a scooter. Definitely NOT in America.

We’re not supposed to call it “third world.” How about “where brown people come from?” Note: I’m brown, therefore when I say this, it is hilarious. If you’re not brown and want to repeat this, please find the nearest brown person and have them direct you through approval protocol. I can also use “third world” [...]

So Many Voices & You

shutterstock_9350926 (2)

When I was a younger we didn’t have the influx of media and social media constantly like you have. No texting nonstop to or from people we wanted and didn’t want in our lives. We had breaks between all the hype. We had time to catch our breath; regroup. Time to remember who we were. [...]

I Am A Peanut M&M

I’m wonderfully diplomatic. In fact, if it weren’t for these kids, I’d probably be Secretary of Defense… or State… or whichever one it is that has to be really diplomatic so that everyone in the whole world doesn’t just kill each other.  I must add that in the true sense of being “perfectly mediocre,” this [...]