Bottom 6 Ways You Are Annoying On Social Media


I’m trying so hard. So hard not to be annoyed by all of the silliness on the many social media platforms I follow. But for the love of sweet Darius Rucker, people keep doing stupid shit, so I’m going to have to point it out. Not that anyone will listen. I wouldn’t. But that’s because [...]

Desperately Seeking Replacement Behaviors

Squirrel! I had to delete this one because I spent a wee bit too much time playing it. While things boiled over on the stove and my kid peed down the stairs. Distraction or addiction?  Maybe both.

There’s this concept in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) which states that you can’t get rid of a behavior until you find the function of the behavior and then replace it with something more, shall we say, desirable. When you want to quit a bad habit you can’t just quit cold turkey. Smart people on the [...]

Please Don’t Chew Gum. At Least Not in Front of Me.

This picture for demonstration purposes only. I totally puked after taking this picture. Sensory issues much?

There’s something that irks me about seeing (and hearing) someone chewing like a cow. Like, out in public and stuff, chew, chew, chew. I know, I have weird hangups. I don’t want to see the inside of someone’s mouth while I’m talking to them at the bank or checking out at the grocery store. Or [...]

Wannabe Smoker

Wannabe Smoker

You know how sometimes you want to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes? I mean, take an entire pack and stuff those cigarettes into your mouth one at a time until you look like a new age side show circus freak? When the only thing you want to do is suck in toxins until your [...]

5 Things I Can Never Get Right

I can't find them.

I spend a solid portion of my life getting things wrong or trying to rectify whatever I just messed up. Predictably, my ineptitude annoys my wife. All she has to do is live with me, I remind her. I actually have to BE me. Tough stuff, indeed, friends, as evidence by the following 5 things [...]

7 Habits of Highly Annoying People

annoying people

Some people are awesome. Some people are annoying. If you do these things, you are annoying. 7 Habits of Highly Annoying People 1. Playing with your gum. I do not let my children do this, so I find it especially gross when I see adults do it. And then try to shake my hand. 2. [...]