The Dating Game, With Your Host – Christopher. Fuckin’. Walken.

The hat is passed and it’s my turn to retrieve the scrap of paper that reveals my scene partner. It’s Tim and the scene is from “Look Back In Anger”. This is actually perfect. There is an intriguing intensity about him, not to mention that he’s really cute. But I’m a professional. I’m here to [...]

7 Bad Date Stories


We’ve all had one, right? A bad date. Some of us you might have had more than one…say 3 or more. The cop who asked me to let him try out his handcuffs on me on our first date? Yeah, that was sort of creepy. 1. I will claim one (maybe more) of these 7 [...]

Blind Date with Poor Melvin

champagne and roses

This online dating thing is boring. Someone man-up and meet me in the flesh! I was over this netiquette, so I made a date with the first gentleman caller that inquired. I agreed to a date with a man named Melvin. That’s right, his name is Melvin, a synonym for an extremely uncomfortable man-wedgie. Melvin. [...]