MU Teen: Sometimes Advice from Adults Isn’t Very Helpful


A month before school let out for summer, I moved to a different county and had to change schools. It was quite nerve racking because I was transferring from a small charter school of about 300 students to a public school with a full blown population of 1,800 at least. You could imagine how frightened [...]

Five Half-Assed Halloween Costumes To Thrill and Impress Your Friends

With my coat on I just looked like a pregnant woman with really bad hair.

Confession: I’m not a big Halloween person. Even though it’s a holiday that celebrates candy, my favorite food group, I don’t particularly like going out of the house in costume. Yes, I live in New York, where you’re likely to run into pantsless people wearing fright wigs even when it’s not October 31, but I’ve [...]