Arguing After Kids

arguing after kids

Before I had kids, I was a skilled and logical debate opponent. There wasn’t a position that I couldn’t successfully support – my husband didn’t stand a chance. My side of the argument would include impressive, whip-smart moves like: 1. Thoroughly disagree with point spouse made about President Bush’s speech on blah blah blah! (Remember this was before [...]

Lost in Marriage Translation

Feed them before you have an important conversation, yo. Just sayin'.

When you’ve been with someone half of your life, chances are you eventually begin to tune each other out. I mean, I LISTEN TO YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME, DEAR. Honest. Anyways, we’ve been married fifteen years, together for twenty, and I’m admitting that sometimes we don’t listen to each other. We both have this selective [...]

Anatomy of A Marital Argument

Couple fighting

We are a happy couple.  More than happy.  We are solid. Best friends first, spouses second. But we do argue. I’m wary of couples that do not argue.  I find them creepy.  I find their existence unnatural.  I would not be surprised, in fact, if one member of said partnership has the bones of dead [...]