How to Maximize Your Social Media


Social media is more than just Facebook, and social media tools are more than just Hootsuite. Frankly, I always found both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck annoying. Running multiple streams kept me from concentrating on a single stream. Their functionality is amazing, but their dashboards leave a lot to be desired. But as a social media manager [...]

The Dr. Kubler-Ross App

Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (58)

Navigating through the game of life, there are circumstances curve-ball thrown at us as if Three Finger Brown himself was facing us on the mound. I’ve had things happen in my life where if you videotaped me at that moment, you’d see a woman walking in circles, covering the same ten feet over and over, [...]

Self-Awareness: There’s an App for That

I suck

I have this friend who builds apps. Sexy, right? So, last week his latest app was available for download. Get it while it’s hot. I have a competitive streak. Okay, it’s probably more than a streak. If my competitiveness were to be tabulated on a head of hair, there would be a thin highlight that [...]

From Zero to Addict in 24 Hours

Look. I have used both "poo" and "dung". Heh. I told you I was predictable.

My friend and personal trainer is one of those people that plays Scrabble on her phone all of the time. Yesterday, I finally made the mistake. I asked her who she plays against. Whoever she knows that has the Scrabble app. What? I have the Scrabble app. I’ve been playing against the computer. I didn’t [...]

Schmutzie’s Top 10 Tips For Better iPhone Photos

me and my iPhone

I once mocked people who took their phoneography seriously, but no longer. I love it, baby, and there’s no turning back, so let me tell you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Use PortableApps on Public Computers to Make Yourself at Home


Have you ever had to borrow a computer, or (gasp) browse for something personal at the office, or generally ever have to use a computer other than your own? You may have noticed that it is really fricking annoying because your sweet friend still uses Internet Explorer 6.0 and doesn’t have a decent music player, [...]

HP EZPZ-Our dinner was saved by my printer

I don’t put a lot of thought into dinner.  I could probably eat the same three meals over and over again.  My family, however, cannot. We sit down together to plan out menus and no one ever has any ideas.  Week after week we end up eating the same tired dishes because no one can [...]