Built To Last… A Year or Two


I’m going to drive this car into the ground. You hear people say that. But what you don’t hear people say is, I’m going to get the last rinse cycle out of this dishwasher if it’s the last thing I do. We don’t plan out our relationships with major appliances that long. We buy ‘em. [...]

Why Can’t I Get a Camaro for My Mid-Life Crisis


What happens when a mid-life crisis occurs in Costco?

Where the Wild Things Collect, Fester and, apparently, Invoke Judgment

Two weeks ago my fridge died. I did not get the Dooce treatment on this one…I had to just suck it up and wait for a repairman to decide that I was worth his, OBVIOUSLY, precious time…seven days after the actual breakdown. Seven days with no refrigeration, no ice maker, no smooth, milky cream to [...]