First World Problems, 2nd Edition #FWP


Oh, how I’ve longed to share this ridiculous list of my and my friends’ First World Problems. Having only one other post from me with #FWP I’ve decided this could be a regular occurrence since so many things are annoying; like how my husband (new to Twitter) said, “I don’t get this, what is the [...]

14 First World Problems


I know. This is so whiny. Here’s the thing though, I’m completely okay with that. I think we’ve all earned the right to whine a little bit, and today is my day. Your day could be today as well. Add to this list. If you can’t whine right now because your life is so wonderful [...]

The Chronicles of Nun-Ya

photo via Getty Images

Are there times when it feels like your kids are being too nosy? My stepdaughters have a penchant for this, and I’ll confess that it annoys me. I think this is because their questions seem loaded with that insinuation of, You have something better/more fun/tastier than I, and I should like to have it too, [...]

The horror. The HORROR.


There is a scourge among us. It all seems innocent enough but you don’t realize the horror that will befall you and your family until you invite them into your home. You feel compelled to touch them, hold them, squeeze them, but before you know it they start to multiply before your eyes.  There’s two, [...]