7 Tips for Post Blog Conference Survival

@littleanimation, or JC and I snuggling. Right in front of her husband, @thehuzofjc even

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the infamous Aiming Low Noncon, it’s time to talk about how I’ve survived. I mean, seriously. I’ve had to live without The People of Noncon (yes, that’s a new Nation), and it has been… difficult. I’ve had to get up and do stuff. Stuff other than looking [...]

Born to Be Wild


I went to the Aiming Low NonCon with the expectation that I would network with other bloggers and pick up some helpful blogging tips at the same time. I could have never predicted that I would leave the weekend as a Wildlife Photographer. I went into the wilderness of rural Georgia, where cell phone coverage [...]

#NonCon Update! New RoundTable Leaders & Defining Non-Tables

AL Non-Con Banner 2

We’re adding Roundtable Leaders to the already outstanding schedule we have: Tracy Beckerman is going to join us at our Building Communities Roundtable. Tracy Beckerman writes the humor column and blog, LOST IN SUBURBIA®, which is syndicated to over 400 newspapers and on 250 related websites to about 10 million readers. She is the author of [...]

SAVE THE DATE: The @AimingLow Non-Conference #ALNonCon

In the past years, Aiming Low-ers have been conference attenders, speakers, panelists, staff, leaders and party-hosts. While some of us are pretty new to the world of conferences, others are seasoned veterans. There is one thing that you will learn at every conference…regardless of location, target audience and potential “take-away”….unplanned conversations lead to the strongest [...]