“Why Pope Benedict retire? Isn’t that atypical?” I asked the priest in line next to me at the airline check-in counter after shooting the shit about football and taxes. “Well, he was older. You know, he just wanted to lay around in his pajamas all day and drink wine with his friends,” he replied. “Oh, [...]

Seriously, I Would Probably Fist-Fight a Child


I don’t like flying for two reasons: I’m afraid of heights and I hate your children. I can manage my fear of heights. I used to entertain visions of fireball wreckages, with parts of my body spread across the continent in tiny bits. It took months of preparation to get me on a plane, and [...]

Flying with Children – Aiming Low Style

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we flew to Florida. From our nearest airport, that’s about a 2 1/2 hour flight. We flew JetBlue, because a) they have TVs for each seat and b) they have snacks and c) they have TVs for each seat, and we have two small children. Flights are expensive, so naturally I [...]

Aiming Low Tips: How To Travel as Cheaply as Possible

Flying is really sort of expensive.  Did you know that? Something about the idea of defying gravity in a gas tank with wings is so cool that we pay ridiculous amounts of money to do it. And it becomes costly. Even if you don’t buy the $9 cocktails, the $3 blanket and the $13 piece [...]