Getting Served By the Mopey Dicks At Starbucks


Midday prostration begins to rear its ugly downturned head many miles and hours to go until I am reunited with my beloved single cup home brew.  On a particularly trying day befitting the choice of a comforting cup of something that will strain my wallet, if not my sensibilities, the local donut shop is passed [...]

Navigating Life. Gollum Style


We LOVE everything!  We HATE everything! Alas, a new year has arrived and what was my first thought upon waking? Gollum. “What’s Gollum got to do with anything?” you ask? We were watching “The Hobbit” the other night and had a couple of revelations.  One, that my youngest son is a lot like Gollum/Smeagol when [...]

5 Ways To Combat the Back To School Blues

back to school

Well, it happened. I walked into Target and found the dreaded display. Don’t be coy with me, you know which one I’m talking about. The Back To School display. Thank Goddess it’s in the back of the store so it can be avoided on some level. But the signage hits us at the entryway to [...]

Oooh Baby, Baby It’s a Mad World


Photo: YankeeJim Where is the forgiveness? I ask you – where is the understanding? It would be so easy to turn the other cheek – to say “Ah, that’s okay” and move on. Some people do. But I’m noticing a lot of people will make you pay for your indignities toward society, however insignificant. And [...]

An Aiming Low Woman


There were two things I wanted to accomplish more than anything at sixteen: marry Keanu Reeves and have EVERYONE think I’m awesome at EVERYTHING. Hermione Granger meets Rachel Berry. So sad. I competed in a state competition for French impromptu speaking and got third place in the whole state. My teacher told me that my [...]

How I Became a Writer for Aiming Low


Please forgive me for not introducing myself until now. I’m so rude. I’m one of the new members of the writing staff. My name is Jared and I like to make shit up. What I say may or may not be true. It’s probably a little bit of both. Either way, you deserve a proper [...]

Aiming Low Exposed – the NOLA Edition


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a blogging conference in New Orleans with several of my fellow low aimers. It was a great chance to put faces to names and gather blackmail material that could come in handy during future negotiations. However, I am anti-blackmail. And so, in an effort to level [...]

If Only I Had An Example Of Imperfection That I Could Share With You…

exhibit a

I’ve spent the last 15 minutes struggling to think of a topic for this post, a post that should be about Aiming Low or embracing imperfection. Allow me to reveal the irony of that statement. Exhibit A: The Desk

Because We Love You…We Want You To Win a Printer. Or Seven.

Many things in our lives are print-worthy, and it’s not just photos. We print the essays our children write, or projects we do for school, crafts we want to attempt with the little ones, or recipes when we are feeling ambitious in the kitchen, flyers, business proposals, and maps when we don’t know where we [...]

Aiming Low in the City

Do you wake up each morning and go…meh. Then do we have an event for you! Now, I am sure by now, you’ve heard.  We’re coming.  Boston.  New York.  Aiming Low.  In the house. Fabulous drinks, amazing food, super fun techie things to fondle (computers, and printers, and touchsmart, oh my!) , and prizes.  OMG [...]